Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hangry, Rozelle

Rozelle is renowned for being near the Balmain branch of Adriano Zumbo. However, this suburb has a greater claim to fame than this piece of commercial notoriety. It boasts a number of vintage shops, a florist called Potteround (which does amazing wedding flower arrangements), quaint furniture stores, charming cafes, an organic supermarket, an artisan chocolate shop called Belle Fleur, and a public school that plays host to the weekend-secondhand-Rozelle Markets.

One of these charming brunch places is Hangry, a Middle-Eastern establishment with pretty good food, massive portions, great coffee and French art.

Flat white

Before leaving us to peruse our menu, one of the waitresses took down our coffee orders.

The coffee was pretty tasty - I was tempted to order a second cup, but knowing my reactions to caffeine, I thought it more prudent to limit myself to ladylike sips.

It was just as well that I didn't fill up on fluids.

I ordered the "Fattit al Hommos", which was a clay pot dish containing a multitude of chickpeas, spiced beef, yoghurt, toasted pine nuts, crispy pita bread and a dash of what tasted like curry powder (the type my mum puts in Indian curry). Traditionally, it is often served with a spoonful of cumin mixed in, but I don't recall tasting any cumin.

I loved the crunch of the pine nuts and pita bread amidst the mince and yoghurt. The yoghurt was not too overpowering - it was light, creamy and offset the saltiness of the beef (although, at times, I felt that it was too salty). There were perhaps too many chickpeas, as legumes are very substantial and filling.

Fattit al Hommos ($14.50)
My friend ordered the manouche wrap, which contained large green olives, labna (cheese), cucumber and fresh tomatoes. It was tasty, and as you can see, the one wrap was more like 2 separate wraps. There were too many olives after a while, though, which made the wraps salty.

Wrap (ranges from $10 - $13)

As you can now tell, Hangry is all about strong Middle Eastern flavours and food of huge proportions. For the price especially, the food is fantastic, and they have takeaway boxes in the event that you can't finish the whole meal right there and then.

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