Wednesday, 6 February 2013

C'est Bon, Rozelle

Despite meaning "It is good", C'est Bon is just alright. Sandwiched between two green grocers, it reminded me of a recent trip to Paris, where the vibrant colours of fresh produce sprang out invitingly.

 There is limited seating indoors, but their lower takeaway prices provide further incentive to box up the goodies. I sheepishly don't recall their pricing, but their small pastries and tarts are within the $3 to $6 range.

Their pear and almond tart is well-balanced. It isn't too sweet but is dense from the almond meal. The pastry is crisp and buttery - definitely recommend it!

Pear and almond tart
 I also tried their lime brulee. The brulee contained only a hint of lime, and it was so faint that I almost missed it. The pastry was nice but I was disappointed that the texture of the whole tart was soft. "Brulee" means burnt, and I expected some crunchy caramelised sugar at the top, but this was severely lacking.

Lime brulee
The green tea was alright - strong enough to combat all that sugar.

Green tea ($4.00)
So my verdict? I will probably give it another go and sample a few more things on my next visit, but I can't say for sure that it's a must to visit.

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  1. Had their berry and almond tart today - best ever! Ricotta base and fresh pastry base were scrumptious!!
    I'll be back - oh and the coffee was pretty good too

  2. Glad to hear that your experience was just as enjoyable - nothing beats pastries baked on the premises!

    Thanks for the tip about the coffee - I'll definitely have to order a cup next time :)