Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Dip, Sydney CBD

After hearing various friends raving about the hotdogs at The Dip, I suggested to a couple of friends that we make that the venue of our next catchup. It was incredibly black in there, so it's a wonder my s110 managed to churn out a few half-decent photos.

Dark dark dark.

Two of us wanted cocktails so we shared a jug. I forget the name but it contained 3 shots of vodka, passionfruit, pineapple juice and a splash of lemonade. Easy on the tastebuds, my Asian flush quickly assumed its rightful position.

Cocktail jug ($30.00)

Much fuss has been made over the hot dogs, and while I agree that they're good, I don't think they're mindblowing. The sausage is aromatic, free from hard nerves/ fats and, I'm happy to say, not as dry as it looks in the photo. The salsa and chipotle gave it the moisture often lacking when white bread is concerned. They have the basics right, but there was nothing extraordinary.

Lev's Dawg ($12.00)

Not having heard about the nachos until one of my friends pushed us into ordering that to share, my expectations were non-existent - rather, I was prepared to dislike this dish because I've had so much corn tortilla lately and I'm not the greatest fan of pulled pork. Nevertheless, I have had to concede that they were a lot tastier than the hot dogs! It was probably because they had the corn chip to topping ratio perfected. The salsa, cheese, jalapeno cream and (of course) the pork minimised the dryness of the chips, while the meat didn't taste overly porky.

Pulled pork nachos ($15.00)

The music noticeably got louder as the evening progressed - we speculated that it's their strategy for achieving higher customer turnover.... It worked on us, anyway, because we scoffed down our food and fled to a nearby cafe to resume our chatter.

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