Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fujiyama, Chatswood

"I can understand what they're saying!" I realised, while paying at the counter. Yep. That's right. Fujiyama Japanese Teppanyaki is operated by bona fide Cantonese-speaking Chinese people. Their food is just as Chinese, but I surprisingly enjoyed it - with the caveat that I ordered and was expecting Chinese food*.

Teppanyaki generally draws a certain type of crowd, and said type of crowd was gathered around the centre of the room. It was greatly entertaining observing their faces brighten in delight as food was being thrown around the room. Despite this, we sat on the outskirts (let's just call ourselves 'The Outsiders').

The Outsiders, as outsiders generally are, displayed more introverted qualities, huddled in small groups around their tables. They usually had a nice view of the wall, though there was one part of the restaurant that gave them window seats - we were privileged to have one window peering out to the stunning Victoria Plaza.

*See Mongolian chicken and fried rice.

Service was fast and we had no problems being seated, probably because it was a weeknight. Food came fairly soon after we placed our order.

The Mongolian chicken arrived, sizzling on a hot plate with carrots, celery and capsicum. The accompanying sauce was sweet - having never had Mongolian anything, I have nothing to compare it against, but apparently it's meant to be sweet.

Mongolian chicken (~$13.00)

Next were the lamb ribs, complete with a dish of some sort of salty spiced-up powder. It didn't really need the saltiness of the powder, as the lamb was salty enough, but the powder did provide an extra layer of flavour. I loved the crunch of the outer segments of meat, and there was plenty of fat to add juiciness to the interior.

Lamb ribs ($15 - $25 range)

The fried rice was pretty standard fried rice. We ate it with the Mongolian chicken.

Fried rice (~$10)

Don't come here expecting a quiet evening - the Outsiders are seated fairly close to the teppanyaki grills, so every few minutes you'll probably hear the roar of the crowd.

Conclusion? I just don't know what to make of the place.

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  1. sounds like "Asian cuisine" defines this best =)