Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Watermoon, Potts Point

Last Saturday I went to the Cremorne Orpheum to watch a French movie, a series of which were being screened in various independent cinemas. This particular movie was called Un Plan Parfait, or 'Fly Me to the Moon', which starred Diane Kruger and was lumped into the romance category. Though the description sounded like your typical chick flick, only in French, it was more comedic than romantic, as well as utterly hilarious! The movie ended pretty late but we decided to check out a particular joint in Potts Point. Sadly, when we arrived some time past 9.30pm they were still full and we were told that we would be given a table in an hours' time!

Needless to say, our dismay and hunger led us to venture elsewhere for food, and Watermoon happened to be in great shape to receive us. With the kitchen closing at 10pm, we had to decide on our order pretty quickly - though the waitstaff stressed we could take our time, we felt bad for showing up so near to the closing time. It was just as well we couldn't go through with the original plan, anyway, as I left my camera at home.

 We decided on a bunch of dishes to share with a bowl of rice each to accompany the meaty side dishes. The rice was standard Japanese rice, boiled just fine (if they don't stuff up plain rice you can't say much else about it!).

Rice ($2.00)
We ordered the chef's special of roast duck, which was a dish of moist and tender duck meat with a smidgen of fat attached. The sauce was sweet and light - it was served at room temperature, so it was a bit cooler than I would have preferred.

Roast duck ($7.80)
Next up was the geso karaage, a mass of battered squid legs with a serving of tartar sauce. The tartar sauce was creamy, so don't expect a kick out of it - tangy, spicy or otherwise. The squid legs were crisp and great with the spicy sauce from the chicken dish. There was also a lot of it, considering it was priced at less than $6. We were struggling to finish it off at the end.

Geso karaage ($5.80)
The spicy chicken was probably my favourite of the night. The chicken was only slightly oily, yet quite moist, and the spicy sauce was actually spicy.

Spicy chicken karaage ($7.80)
 The takoyaki (octopus) balls were quite mushy and soft, lacking the crispiness that some other restaurants lend to it. There also wasn't much substantial meat, so if you're used to chewy octopus inside, you might want to pass on this one.
Takoyaki ($4.00)
 We also ordered a marinated squid, the sauce of which moistened the rice perfectly. The squid was nice and springy - just be careful when eating this one because they leave the tough membrane inside which can lead you into temptation to choke!
Marinated squid ($9.80)
Verdict: Great prices, friendly staff, nice food.

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