Monday, 29 October 2012

Sedap Rasa, Kingsford

This particular post will be fairly short, as this one involved a quick one dish meal. A few weeks ago, I was strolling along Anzac Parade looking for somewhere to have lunch, and I came upon Sedap Rasa with its giant sign advertising its lunch specials - $8.50 for a plate of rice and 3 side dishes ($7.50 if you flash them your student card). Apologies for the particularly bad photos!

Street view
  Lunch there is done cafeteria-style, with ordering carried out through gesturing at the dishes of choice, the entire selection being stored in the bain maries.

I'll commence with the rice. To be quite frank, it was terribly stale. Dry and hard in places, it was very much like several days' old leftover rice. It didn't have the same texture as undercooked rice has, which lends greater weight to my suspicions.


1. Deep fried poached egg with chilli - pretty tasty.

2. Curry chicken -  they gave me a bony part of the chicken, which meant that the lesser amount of meat was balanced off with the moist texture of what meat there was. The curry was tasty and milder than the other two toppings.

3. Chopped beans with potato and sambal chilli - the beans tasted surprisingly fresh and the potato complemented it pretty well.

In summary: Bad rice. Pretty good toppings. Though cheap, there are heaps of better places to eat along Anzac Pde though.

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