Saturday, 1 December 2012

Robocog Cafe, Surry Hills

Robocog Cafe is around 10 minutes away from Central station on foot. Situated inside a small, white house, it's a cosy place in which to sip aromatic coffee and nibble on assorted brunch items, including breakfast trifles and burritos.

The first time I came here, it was on a weekend and it was absolutely packed. We had to wait for a few minutes in order to get a table - being a house, the premises had limited capacity. I ordered a smoked salmon breakfast item with scrambled egg and salsa on top, which came with toasted multigrain bread. The salmon was inside the little pot of egg, adding texture to the creamy custard. Looking at what was served on the board, I was dubious as to whether the meal would be filling, but I was pleasantly satisfied by the end of it.

Breakfast smoked salmon & egg ($12 - $15)

I had also ordered a flat white, which was excellent - strong coffee flavour and just the right balance of foam, milk and coffee.

Flat white ($3)
The second time I visited was on a weekday, which meant that there were plenty of seats to choose from.

 I decided to go Mexican this time, and WOW do I wish I'd done it a long time ago. The quesadilla is crispy, light, and pretty much melts in your mouth. The melted cheese and sauteed spinach, though basic ingredients, complement the chicken perfectly, while the chicken filling (which often has a frozen and artificial aftertaste in cheaper cafes) tastes like it came off a tender, moist, roasted chicken.

Chicken quesadilla ($11.90)
 To drink, I had a mixed berry smoothie. At $6, I thought it was pretty pricey for the size of the glass, but upon tasting it, you can tell that they put a lot into it. I'm pretty sure they added ice cream or some other unhealthy goodie, given the thickness, creaminess, temperature and sweetness of the smoothie. However, I wasn't taking health into account when I ordered it, and I'm glad that I took the risk. It's full of berries and flavour - towards the bottom of the glass you're pretty much eating seeds!

Mixed berry smoothie ($6)
And here are photos of other dishes that they churn out:

Prawn quesadilla ($14.90)
French pancakes ($12.90)
English breakfast ($3.50?)

So as random as the name is, it pretty much sums up the cheerful playfulness of Robocog, with its interior clad in rows of robot collectibles and robot murals. Overall, a fantastic brunch place in which to relax and catch up with friends.


Robot mural

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  1. Oh, I would love to visit this cafe given the chance to visit Australia...

    1. Thanks for the comment Shaiya! It's encouraging to hear that people from other parts of the world are keen to check out the food scene down under :)