Monday, 11 November 2013

Bulgogi, Chatswood

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Bulgogi. My dad and I have been visiting them regularly over the past few years for their lunch specials (Dad gets cravings for seafood udon), but whenever I order beef-related dishes, I know there's a chance that the meat won't be great. One day, I saw Bulgogi was offering $29.00 Groupon vouchers for their Korean BBQ Wagyu Samplers for 2 with 2 bowls of rice, valued at $73.00. Not having tried their BBQ, I gave into my curiosity.

Barbecuing there is a little awkward, as the BBQ grills are not built into the tables, but are separate apparatuses. This meant there was limited room for anything else on our table for two. Metal pipes are situated over the BBQ grill to suck up any greasy BBQ smells.

The Wagyu Sampler consisted of 4 slices of each of the following:
  • Wagyu rib finger
  • Wagyu inside skirt
  • Wagyu short rib
  • Wagyu oyster blade
  • Wagyu flap meat
  • A mushroom and a couple of other slices of vegetables
Most of the meat was marinated nicely, but the cuts ranged from mouthwatering and tender to tough and suspiciously not so fresh. It's this inconsistency that puts off a lot of people, particularly those who decide not to give Bulgogi another chance after a negative experience with the meat.

Portion-wise, the Wagyu Sampler for 2 is more like a Wagyu sampler for 1.5. Or 1 person with a big appetite. We were still peckish after finishing it off, so we ordered a round of beef tongue and soft shell crab salad, since even I was starting to crave a bit of vegetable.

The beef tongue was a little tasteless, but wasn't bad after allowing it to caramelise a fair bit (i.e. until crispy around the edges).

Beef tongue ($16.00)

The soft shell crab salad was pretty good because of the generosity of soft shell crab, deep fried until golden and crunchy. The mixed salad underneath was bathed in a light balsamic vinegar dressing.

Soft shell crab salad ($13.00)

I wish I knew the one really tender cut of beef that was in that platter, as we really wanted to order another one of those. Too bad all the beef looked the same to our untrained eyes.

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  1. I really want to have KBBQ now! Can't get enough of wagyu :)

    1. haha there's something about Korean bbq that incites one's carnivorous cravings :D

  2. I would assume that the really soft cut of meat would be one of the rib pieces! Not sure which though.

    And all I have to add is: successful marketing by Bulgogi! 29$ coupon got you in the door and paying 29$ more!

    1. Oh really?? I'll order the rib specifically the next time I'm at a BBQ place to verify that.

      And yes, I had that exact thought when we made the additional order ><