Saturday, 12 October 2013

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe, Sydney CBD

Visited Redoak recently because a certain someone absolutely adores beer, so I figured he would appreciate the products of an award-winning brewery. We ended up coming here for dinner and were seated in the dining half of Redoak (the other appearing to be your typical pub/ bar).

Redoak prides itself on producing premium beers without the use of additives and preservatives. In fact, they love their beers so much that they offer 'beergustations' - 4 beers and matching canapes!

For me, I stuck to one glass of honey ale, as I find it difficult to appreciate the mouldy taste of yeast in beer (even the light stuff) - albeit what I had at Redoak was particularly smooth and pleasant. Unfortunately, the one photo I took of my full glass is really blurry because I forgot to raise the ISO of my camera... Whoops.

Honey Ale, regular (~$7)

The two of us ordered a couple of platters to share, both of which consisted of bread, terrines and meat.

Summary of the platters:
  • Yummy! (and filling)
  • Bread was crisp on the ocean platter but soft on the charcuterie platter
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Advised that we could scrape off the buttery/ gelatinous (depending on the type) top layer of the rillettes. Once we did so for each pot, we found turkey, smoked salmon and some other fishy meat (couldn't identify the type)
  • Each platter had a large slab of roasted eggplant wrapped around capsicum and zucchini

Ocean Platter ($25.00)

Charcuterie Platter ($25.00)

If you're like me and become completely perplexed when confronted with a long long list of beers, it should be reassuring to hear that the staff were really helpful in giving their recommendations. Alternatively, one can always use the menu as a guide - a beer is matched to each food item on the menu.

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  1. Walk past this place once in a while, it looks pretty nice!

    1. You might want to walk by some time this month, then :P I think their special Oktoberfest beers are still being served up!