Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Faheem's, Enmore

"Where's the best naan you've had?" I asked my Indian friend.
"Faheem's in Newtown."

And so the three of us paid them a visit.

Upon entry, said friend commented, "Perhaps I overhyped this place a little too much."

He had - just a bit.

In a place like this, service doesn't really matter to me - provided we get their attention long enough to have our orders taken and cutlery provided. Which they did. And that's all I'll say about the subject.

The naan was soft, fluffy and tasted just like it should - out of the tandoor and freshly made on the premises. Wasn't oily at all, which was a nice change from the naan you tend to get elsewhere.

Naan ($2.00 a piece)

The tandoori chicken was a bit of a letdown because it was pretty dry. It wasn't lacking in flavour, however, with plenty of seasoning and spiciness.

Half tandoori chicken ($9.50)

The sheek kebab (minced beef with ginger and coriander) doesn't look very appetising, but it was really tasty (and really spicy!), particularly when eaten with the biryani rice.

Sheek kebab ($10.00)

We ordered a beef and lamb curry, which looked the same to me. Aside from the type of meat, the curry probably also contained the same ingredients (tomatoes, oriental herbs and spices was the description on the menu).

Nihari ($12.00)

Lamb curry ($10.00)

The chicken biryani, with its aromatic flavours of ginger and garlic, was one of my favourites of the night.

Chicken biryani ($12.00)

I finished the meal with a pistachio flavoured kulfi (similar to a creamy ice block, except not as partial to melting).

Pista kulfi ($3.50)

In conclusion, Faheem's may not be pretty, but the food is tasty and fairly cheap.

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  1. I've always driven past Faheem's wondering what it was like. Thanks for the review.

    I think the best Naan (albeit not traditional) is at Blue Ginger at McMahon's Point and Cafe Sydney - I know how strange!! But they truly do the best Naan!

    1. Wow, thanks for the naan tip-offs :) Ordering it at a place like Cafe Sydney definitely sounds a bit random, but I'm sold where good bread is concerned. My list of places to visit just keeps getting longer!

  2. "not pretty, but tasty and cheap" - that's all i want in a restaurant. I'll be going to try the kebabs and curry! and naan. and tandoor chicken. one for me.